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Ride a Freestyle to music at your own level, in your own home

As a competition rider you always look forward to the outdoor season, which normally starts on April 1. Because of the measures surrounding the corona virus, all matches have been (understandably) canceled in the near future. In this day and age it is very important to stay fit. Of course, sports help very well with this. Competition riders also often like to stay in the competition rhythm, so that they know where they are in training and the challenge and ambition in driving is maintained.

That is why we organize our own Epplejeck competition! And not just any competition, namely a real Freestyle to music! Accessible to everyone, at all levels. Whether you are a competition rider or recreational rider, have your own horse or a lease horse, anyone who has a horse or pony at their disposal can participate!

How does the competition works?

Do you always get goosebumps when you see a beautiful freestyle to music and do you secretly fantasize while driving that you are riding a Freestyle? This is your chance to actually do it!

Epplejeck Freestyle at home is a competition in which you will work out your own dressage test to music and then ride it in your own lane. Have your trial filmed, edit the video by adding music to it and then upload the video to the WeAllRide platform. A professional jury assesses your trial online and provides feedback that you can then use again. So you compete at home with riders / amazons from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourgh.


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When and which levels?

Epplejeck Freestyle to the music is open from April 21 to May 31, 2020, during this period you can submit your video. You can participate with both a horse and a pony, these compete against each other in the same class. The classes you can ride are:




Advanced Medium


For an explanation of all classes, the associated exercises and difficulty, you can download the protocols per level here.

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How do I join the competition?

Participation is very accessible! Have someone with a (telephone) camera film your test, edit the music underneath and upload the video of your freestyle on the platform of WeAllRide at the contest “Epplejeck Freestyle at home”. If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create one. With our handy DYI Freestyle at home step-by-step plan, things are guaranteed to work out.

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Add music to my test
For anyone new to video creation and editing, we can imagine that you think; where can I find music that fits under my video and how do I add it to my video? It is important to use royalty-free music to prevent you from getting an invoice afterwards. The programs that we mention below offer this and with this you can easily edit / edit your video.

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What are the prizes?

Of course Epplejeck also provides nice prizes. In this competition, a separate ranking is drawn up for each class, horses and ponies compete against each other. The prize package * per class is as follows:

1st prize: Epplejeck gift voucher worth € 50, –
2nd prize: Epplejeck gift voucher worth € 40
3rd prize: Epplejeck gift voucher worth € 30, –
4th prize: Epplejeck gift voucher worth € 20.
5th prize: Epplejeck gift voucher worth € 10, –

* per 4 participants a prize will be made available up to a maximum of 5 prizes per class

Extra prizes

For the freestyle with the most appropriate music and the most beautiful whole, we provide an extra price, namely a beautiful clothing set of the brand Quur worth more than € 200! The set consists of breeches, shirt or vest, gloves and socks. So make sure you and your horse look spick and span on the video!

In addition, the person with the most points across all classes wins a SaddleClip from Equestic!


Registration fee

It is a competition with official Dutch juries *. Participation is normally € 25 per submitted video. Given the strange and uncertain time at the moment, we have a special promotional price for you and the participation is now a one-off € 20 per submitted video. Of this, € 1 goes to ParaPaard. With this we support equestrian sports for the disabled. Finally, each participant will receive a discount coupon of € 5 to spend on www.ej.nl.

* The points obtained do not count for competitions organized by other organizations




For questions we have a special WhatsApp customer service ready for you via: +31 6 26949312.

COVD-19 Measures

We ask you to follow the following safety rules, especially at this time;

  • Learn your own test by heart, then you only need someone to film.
  • Don’t ask people outside of your family to film you.
  • Don’t bring fans, you can show them online how good your test is #epplejeckfreestyle
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters and avoid contact with stable mates.
  • Ride the test outside if possible.
  • Do you have a cold? Then maybe join the next week.

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck with participating.

The Epplejeck & WeAllRide Team