General Competition Regulations

This is why we do it

We aim to bring more fun to equestrian sports and make them more accessible. For recreational riders, for competition riders  and for their horses and ponies, of course. That’s why WeAllRide was created.


At WeAllRide, you can ride your tests from the comfort of your own arena or equestrian facility. In a familiar setting. That means a lot less stress for your horse or pony, and a lot less nerves for you. 

Another great benefit is our independent jury. They will judge your tests without any prior knowledge and will give you tons of constructive feedback. And don’t forget about our affordable rates – you’ll be paying a fair price for your tests. That’s how bring more fun and accessibility to equestrian sports.  


Clear rules for riders and their horses

WeAllRide has a few clear rules. Some are general rules that apply to the equestrian competition circuit at large and some apply per discipline. All of them are straightforward, easy to understand and in the best interest of you and your horse.


Rule no.1: It’s all about having fun

WeAllRide is all about having a good time, independence and treating horses with respect. Our exercises are fun, challenging and will help you train the body of your horse in such a way that they can carry you easily.


Rule no.2: Be careful when training your horse or pony

Dressage riding is meant to train a horse so that they can carry their rider with ease. Young horses are not as strong as horses that are a bit more mature. The discs are most important for carrying a rider (located on the back) and these are fully stabilized  when a horse is around 5 years of age. That’s why you need to be extra careful when training a young horse.


To protect young horses from injuries, WeAllRide has set a minimum age for each level. Horses younger than the set age are not allowed to compete.


Novice – 4 years of age

Elementary- 5 years of age

Medium – 6 years of age

Advanced Medium – 7 years of age

Advanced – 7 years of age


Rule no.3: Anyone can compete

Whether you’re young, old, disabled and able-bodied; whether you’re riding for fun or are more ambitious; at WeAllRide, anyone can compete. All you need is a horse, someone to read the test out loud and someone to film it. Once you’re satisfied with your video of the test, you can upload your video on our platform. You’ll receive your results and constructive feedback within 48 hours.


Rule no.4: Impartial judging

The judges at WeAllRide are independent and impartial. Judging happens remotely and anonymously, ensuring that the only thing the jury will assess is your performance. On top of that, they’ll present you with positive feedback and helpful tips on how to improve. We think that coaching is just as important as the assessment itself – because that’s how you end up learning. And if you still have any questions after your assessment, you can always contact our WhatsApp customer care at (+31) 6 26949312.


Rule no.5: Treat each other with respect

At WeAllRide, we believe in the importance of treating everyone with respect. This applies to you, your fellow participants, the judges, all WeAllRide employees and anyone else involved. And of course, this also applies to your horse. Be a fair and careful rider, so that you can enjoy your cooperation to the fullest.


Rule no.6: Social media

You’re free to share your competition videos on social media. Please be respectful to fellow participants who share their videos. Be mindful that we’re all in it for the fun and that every participant has put a lot of effort into their test.


This goes for the judges as well. They put a lot of time into your assessment and providing you with positive, constructive feedback. Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.


Rule no.7: We support each other

When you ride at WeAllRide, you also support your fellow athletes with a handicap. Because of every entree fee, € 1 will go to to the ParaPaard foundation. That way, we hope to bring the equestrian sports within reach for everyone.


Rule no.8: Pick your own competition

You decide which competition you’ll be participating in. Check out our competition calendar and sign up. More information about our online competitions can be found in the Regulations for Online Competitive Dressage.


Rule no.9: Pick your own level

You’re free to participate at any level and with any horse, including a new or unknown horse – no matter at what level you’ve competed before. The only rule is that your combination has to meet the promotion requirements.

If you have to go through a physical check, you’ll have to provide your passport with the chip number.


If you don’t own a horse and will be riding your at a riding school, the best place to start is Category 1. The different levels within Category 1 are:

  • Prelim1
  • Prelim2
  • Prelim3
  • Prelim4
  • Prelim5

If you are an individual competition rider, you can opt for Category 2. The levels within this category are:

  • Novice
  • Elementary
  • Medium
  • Advanced Medium
  • Advanced


If you are disabled and you will be riding at an equestrian centre for adaptive horse riding, please pick Category 3. The levels within this category are:

  • G1, with supervision
  • G2, without supervision
  • G3, with supervision
  • G4, without supervision
  • G5, without supervision


Rule no.10: Favourable promotion requirements

WeAllRide works with percentage scores. If your total score for all parts comes to a 10, that means you have a score of 100%. After starting out at your level of choice, the following promotion requirements apply (for you as a rider and as a combination with your horse):


For levels Prelim1, Prelim2, Novice and Elementary, the following applies:


  • You may move on to the next level if you got a score of 63% or more at least 3 times
  • You must move on to a next level if you got a score of 73% or more, 3 times


For levels Prelim3, Prelim4, Prelim5, Medium, Advanced Medium and Advanced, the following applies:


  • You may move on to the next level if you got a score of 68% or more at least 3 times
  • You must move on to a next level if you got a score of 78% or more, 3 times


For example:

You start out with horse X at the Elementary level. You’ve completed three tests with a score of more than 63%, but less than 73%. You’re allowed to move on to the Medium level, but you’re not obliged to do so. You can also start at the Novice level with the same horse, unless or until you’ve completed 3 tests with a score of 73% or more with the same horse.


In the category 3 levels, the instructor will assess whether or not the rider will move on to the next level.


Rule no.11: All your rankings in one place

When you create your account, you’ll receive a personal number. All your scores will be linked to this number. Your horse will be registered by their chip number. 


Rule no.12: More fun for the judges

WeAllRide was also created with the judges in mind. Because you are judging remotely, you’ll be able to judge without prior knowledge and be more impartial. And what’s more, your feedback and input will help the riders to improve their skills.

Would you like to become a judge? Sign up for the WeAllRide selection process. If you’re selected, you’ll be asked to participate in our juror training, which will take a day. You will receive suitable practical guidance depending on your judging experience. If you don’t yet have a lot of experience as a judge, you’ll be linked to a senior juror for your first 10 videos. You will be judging the videos yourself, but the senior juror will assess your work before you send out your feedback. If at least six of the ten assessments have been approved by the senior juror, you’ll become an independent WeAllRide judge. Sign up by sending an email to [email protected] or through our WhatsApp customer care (+31) 6 26949312.


These regulations are the intellectual property of BV. It is strictly forbidden to issue or copy any of these documents, materials, logos & branding in any form without the prior written consent of BV. The FEI Dressage Rules & Regulations apply to anything not covered in these regulations.